A Time We Were

“I’ve typed half an email to you
a dozen times, desperate
as a maple reaching over a scenic byway.”

A Tsunami Advisory

“Brisk air bites your face,
which peeks out of your cocoon.
You see waves tower over the shore,
lift your tent, rip its stakes out of the ground.”

a tether loosening

“i fade in and out of the present
like a maple branch’s shadow on concrete
like the stars in a city’s sky”

a windshield, frozen over

you feel like a passenger in a car.
in motion, but cannot see out of the windshield—
the fog too thick.”

A question I would ask you

“Do you think trees get scared when the fog rolls in and they can’t see their friends?”

Forgotten Mugs

“I forgot I made coffee, had to watch it reheat
through the perforated grate of my microwave.”


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