a test proctor


thirty students and laptops
along the room's perimeter

a pile of backpacks
between the door and a bookcase

fingers on keyboards
like rain on a sidewalk

warm, stagnant air
of early afternoon

five heads on desks
between hoods and forearms

cold coffee in a thrift-store mug
by the keyboard on your desk

a pencil eraser on a desk
120 beats per minute

a whisper
a nod


breakfast with a bald eagle

downed spruce trunk
under green water
a steady current
rain drops on
their cloud’s reflection

on the riverbank
a bald eagle
beak-deep in a
pink salmon carcass
under its talon

thick fog in
the tree line
at the foot
of the mountain
slow as dawn

a call from
a nearby fir
the rhythm of
a playing card
between bicycle spokes

frantic brown wings
into the air
forsaken salmon flesh
on the shore
for the seagulls

a bedroom

a body on the floor
a pool of blood on the carpet

spatter across the frame of a picture
someone in a robe with a diploma

a chair in the corner
under a pile of shirts and jeans

spatter across an unkempt bed
grey comforter with teal bedsheets

a dresser messy with articles and pens
necklaces and earrings

spatter across a full-length mirror
the post-it note affirmations along its edge

a body on the floor
under a thin white sheet