haikus for distance learning

each section is based on the oxford english dictionary’s word of the day from september, 2020.

i. delibation, n.

dim empty classroom
desks shoved together chairs stacked
you’re alone in here

ii. situla, n.

yawn walk brew sit
meeting in fifteen minutes
you need to wake up

iii. smack talk, n.

a grid of faces
nodding and mumbling about
low expectations

iv. chin-stroking, n.

should you say something
they all seem to agree
maybe you don’t know

v. bird colonel, n.

your principal
closes with encouraging words
a hurricane’s eye

vi. croquembouche, n.

mailbox run before first class
a stack of cans along the top
it might not be so bad

vii. wallyball, n.

first live lesson
camera chat emails lecture
ricochet endlessly

viii. coze, v.

office chair swivels
does not move away from the desk
vines around your legs

ix. dep, n.

you try to build bridges
with students made of pixels
something’s lagging

x. ruby murray, n.

in your eye’s corner
relics from previous students
convoluted contexts

xi. walklet, n.

passing period
mask up stretch your legs in the hall
see only ghosts

xii. pronoid, n.

no laughs after your jokes
all thirty-eight students muted
you’re sure you’re funny though

xiii. sea-puss, n.

your eyes strain head aches
dim your screens close the blinds blink slow
fight against the current

xiv. gypit, adj.

you cover your desk
with toys you name and talk to
stave off loneliness

xv. yat, n.

use abbreviations
codes other learning tools
make something together

xvi. chritophany, n.

look into the ceiling
a smile there says you’re doing great
maybe just seeing things

xvii. dulciloquy, n.

afternoon classes with
faces tired anxious sad
help them feel welcome

xviii. cannet, n.

last class ends you sit
first time in what feels like days
lump of exhausted flesh

xix. transitarium, n.

fight sleep need to plan
figure out how to help your kids
sketch diverging scaffolds

xx. ambidexterity, n.

talk chat help assess
teacher counselor tech support 
you wear so many hats

xxi. rooked, adj.

cover your walls
with your students's artwork
it’s their house too

xxii. headwark, n.

temples in a c-clamp
eyes gripped in wool mittens
too much screen time

xiii. pupil-monger, n.

wake up the next day
ready to try it all again
always getting better

xxiv. kibitz, v.

a tech issue
try turning it off then back on
a rote response

xxv. nutual, adj.

you blank on a word
wave your arms to convey its meaning
somehow they get it

xxvi. titanolatry, n.

think before you speak
they’ll remember how they felt here
don’t be that white guy

xxvii. adimplete, v.

log in see hundreds
of messages in your inbox
monday morning

xxviii. antennation, n.

sit for an hour
grade respond delete archive
reach them as best you can

xxix. arr, int.

spirit week hat day
make do with what you have
take pride in your work

xxx. ruderal, adj. and n.

this year isn’t
what you thought it to be
dig your roots deep

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