Cottonwood Seeds en Route

This is a story of five high school students who struggle with their relationships and identities during the first few months of 2020.

I. Violet Caligos

“'A new job,'
Mom said,
'back where I grew up.'”

II. Crystal Coleus

"When Violet says
she got accepted into the program,
I squee."

III. Suri Dihan

"I finish the outline of
the swoop of the prince’s hair
(the kingdom’s kinda stuck in their 2000s-emo phase)
before looking up."

IV. Isabella Dudosa

“It is often stated as a fact that a person needs to feel some sort of pain in order to grow— we can see this literally when someone’s joints ache as their arms or legs grow longer. I am not sure how plausible this claim is though— too much stress can crush a sapling or snap a flower’s stem, for instance.”

V. Nadine Sauer

"It’s not only
because old books are cheaper—
though that certainly helps."